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Washington D.C. welcomes Pope Benedict XVI

I wish I could have photographed the sounds of the bells that were ringing to announce the motorcade as Pope Benedict XVI approached the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. It all happened so fast, and suddenly there he was!!!

And because I’m a Mommy first, the shot of the day is the one with blur obscuring my lens, because that blur is a little arm waving, and it belongs to my son! The hours we spent waiting were all for this moment, when my children caught his gaze…:sigh: Are there words?

We fought the mob back to the Metro

and stepped off at Union Station to meet MeDannyP for dinner and toasted his good news from his doctors that the brain tumor is shrinking!!!


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  • Christine Gacharna - missing all of the excitement that comes w/living in DC today …ReplyCancel

  • Margot - What fun it is to search for you online and see your wonderful pictures! Thank you for making them available to us all.ReplyCancel

  • christine - it is SO GREAT to hear from you all!!! 🙂

    it was an amazing day, one that we will remember forever. much love to you all…ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - Incredible! You and Carlos lead a blessed life….and as always the photos are amazing too!ReplyCancel

  • TJ - Hey Guys – outstanding photos! I know what you mean by the excitement and “are there words.” I was at Pope John Paul’s visit out in St Louis – there are no words that can describe the atmosphere, excitement and spirit. SYL TJReplyCancel

  • Danny P - So sorry I missed meeting you at the Basilica, but who knew. Really glad to toast the good news with y’all immediately afterwards. Good day for all! Much Love, DannyReplyCancel

  • Kristin - Fantastic photos….what a memorable event for the whole family.ReplyCancel

  • Erin Ewing - Wow! What incredible photos! Such a special moment–and looks like a perfect day! I always know it will be a tired morning when I get an email note of new pics on the blog. I start with the most recent (always amazing) and then continue to scroll and browse. Hours can go by… Miss you!ReplyCancel

  • Ruth Braun - What a wonderful event to remember and be so expertly recorded-it is a wonderful gift you have given your children and you, as well, and it is very special to me that you have shared these personal photos with me-thank you and love and best wishes to all of you always-rReplyCancel

  • Elise - Thought of you all day yesterday. I knew you would be there. The pictures are fabulous! I heard the ceremony at the White House was amazing as well. Did you get to that too? You are all now a part of History! Fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Carlos - Wow, they look better today than they did on the camera window yesterday. A wonderful experience for our whole family.ReplyCancel

  • Jh - Wow what great photos and he is looking right at all!!! IT looked so exciting on TV around the Basicila. I was glued from start to finish. Everyones excitement did a good job of drowning out the few party pooper protesters that were present. I bet your kids were so exciting. I am about to post your entry upReplyCancel