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the flying fish

This morning, I photographed a flying fish. Timmy is the dive coach at Walden Glen. Kids at the pool adore Timmy; wherever he is on the pool deck, there’s a crowd of kids of all ages surrounding him, trailing after him, trying to get his attention.

Sometimes, the crowd starts to chant, “Belly-FLOP! Belly-FLOP! Belly-FLOP! …” And when that happens, Timmy fearlessly climbs the board, sails up into the air and comes SMACK down belly-first into the water! He climbs out of the water sporting white welts on his arms, the skin on the front of him good and reddened. It’s one of the coolest, craziest summer traditions around.


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  • Karen Sheehy - That is soooo awesome! I used to do the same thing when I was a camp counselor at YMCA Camp. My camp name was “Flipper” after the tv show of course and they used to call it the “Flipper Flop”! The campers were always delighted when I performed the amazing feat. Wish I had a picture like that to show my kids!ReplyCancel

  • Jeff Verges - Nice photos. All that is missing is the audio of the “pop” when he hits the water. ReplyCancel

  • christine - Timmy, I hope your :final: finals went well! We’ll miss you. Godspeed…ReplyCancel