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There are so many facets to the people I photograph. Take Chris, for example: young Airman, engineering student, athlete, bike enthusiast, uncle, brother, son…just an all-American kid. I call him a “kid;” he calls me “Ma’am.” Both make me laugh! When I was 21, I was all grown up, hardly a kid, and I knew all; now I’m old enough for adults to think of me as Ma’am and I marvel each day at how much I still have to grow and learn!

Chris is a twin, and his twin sister is in Africa; my only regret is that facet isn’t showing.

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  • kymberli q. - Christine,

    I don’t know how you found my blog but I am so glad you did! Thank you for your comment. I am LOVING your images (and your blog background and your framing!). These are awesome – LOVE the ones with the helmet in them! And your shots of the Pope are incredible!! You’ve got an interesting life going on here and I’m definitely bookmarking you to read more!ReplyCancel