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You must really love your job

My schedule this week is like a jigsaw puzzle; it all fits together perfectly, but very, very tightly and with no wiggle room for errors.

Today was tight partly because this morning, the lovely ladies from my Kappa bookclub met at the Patrick Henry Library in Vienna (we meet somewhere new in Northern Virginia each month) to discuss “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls. (If you’ve read this book, too, I’m interested to hear your thoughts in the comments section!) I love bookclub. I love reading, I love the ladies I’ve met through the club and I love venturing out into new places in Northern Virginia that I otherwise wouldn’t have found. Bookclub is a commitment to remind myself constantly not to skip over the little things that I love in the craze that is everyday life.

After two delicious hours of bookclub, I raced off into life, including editing the photos from my latest shoot:

Kristen loves to scrapbook, and she had an idea for a scrapbook page that she wanted to put together so in addition to her portrait (which was the main reason for the shoot), we experimented with some funky shots. Later, after she got home, she found her original idea and she emailed to tell me LOL that we’d gotten it all wrong! I immediately replied, asking if she wanted to try again tomorrow and she wrote back very graciously that no, she will be able to scrapbook just fine with the images we took but thanked me very much for the offer.

And then she wrote, “You must really love your job!”