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My kids are always happy to indulge me when it comes to playing their part in capturing the perfect image. Alexis zooms off in search of her latest pretty necklace and then lands back in front of my lens while Jonathan snatches up the reflector and takes aim at his sister. Our latest session was to make the photograph that would announce the launch of my redesigned portfolio.

And while those images were still in-camera, a new vinyl background arrived. I’ve been mulling over vinyl for some time now (kids are notoriously hard on paper) and I was anxious to see how it reflected light. I told my kids it wasn’t a “real” shoot, that they could do whatever they wanted. Last night, when I moved all of the images into Bridge, I saw that the story of how a photographer arrives at this:


usually begins with a Mommy and this:





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  • Kevin Wilson - When I grow up, I want to be just like you. You are the bomb girl…keep doing what you’re doing. Your work is visible in my office and people marvel at your ability.

    You truly have a talent!ReplyCancel

  • Katherine Rose Bogacki - Lovely website! Very easy to navigate. Love the juxtaposition of vivid color and black and white on the first page.ReplyCancel

  • miette et. al - Speechless again. I love the “crazy kids” photos almost as much as your story about Alexis and the permanent markers. You are a phenomenon darling–next time we meet I’ll have you sign the portraits of the kids. I think they might be able to sell them and pay for college one day… 🙂 Zach says “it’s not fair” that Alexis and Johnathan are so good-looking.ReplyCancel

  • Sheila Gebhardt - Christine,

    Your site is fantastic, easy to navigate and so entertaining. I can not say it enough, you are blessed and very talented. Your journey inspires me and I look forward to the chance to have you photograph our family in the future. At least I hope we get the chance to cross paths before my kiddos graduate from high school 😛

    Take care you!

  • Lillie-Beth - Dear Christine,

    I am honored to know you! Your photos are beyond words — you capture a zest for life in all of its moments. Just looking at them inspires me to do great things, or at least figure out what they are. My regret is that you left Oklahoma too soon as a photographer to take our pictures and as a friend. Will you be coming back anywhere in a 200-mile radius? We would drive to meet you.

    Love the Web site and wish you all success. I will call you soon.


  • Heidi - Hi Christine,

    Your site is wonderfully easy to navigate through as I am challenged when it comes to computers and it’s an exciting site with gorgeous pictures. You certainly have an eye. Your photos are incredible.
    We enjoyed seeing you last weekend and hope to see you all again real soon.
    Take care my friend,


  • Danny P - Christine, as always your kids look beautiful! Still need to get my little family in front of your lens; maybe in N.C.

    I look forward to seeing you all in VA. in a couple of weeks, unless y’all are headed out on another trip somewhere fun.

    Still familiarizing myself with your gift of a blogsite…I just never have enough time or energy. Hopefully that will change as I continue on this journey. Spending time with friends like the Gooches is what keeps me going; I’ll always have the time and energy for the Groovers and Groover fams.

    Cheers, DannyReplyCancel

  • Guy Wire - Phenomenal.

    You certainly have outdone yourself once again, Christine.

    I may be antisocial, but I believe that your new website is the photographer’s website the way mother nature intended.

    I’m very curious, though: how is it that everyone you shoot (with one obvious exception), you, your husband, your friends, family, acquaintances, and all the rest, how is it that so many people can all be so breathtakingly good-looking? It’s really incredible.

    I suppose that Marylin Manson said it best when he said: “The beautiful people, the beautiful people.”

    Or Oscar Wilde: “Beauty is the only thing that matters.”

    I can appreciate such remarks. Although I can appreciate much more – and this is surely the crux of our query – a photographer who’s able to capture and bring out the beauty that dwells within each subject she shoots.

    I think that when it comes to the camera, C.G., you are, in my book, the cause without a rebel.

    You are the silky red wine of picture-taking.

    As everyone knows, “the blessed don’t care what angle they’re regarded from, having nothing to hide …”

    Fantastic job.

    You’re the best.

    the antisocialistReplyCancel

  • brian - wow
    where is the world is christine verges gacharna?
    sounds like all is well and busy
    here in Lake Forest Park (just north of Seattle) our second daughter will be delivered by appointment on 7.23.07
    Reese French Bold newest sister to Claire
    more laterReplyCancel