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West Virginia flea market

We went to Harpers Ferry yesterday.
In an unplanned and unexpected twist that life sometimes grants, I found myself wandering alone down a lonely, dusty, West Virginia road. It ended at a large field, and through the trees I could see tents and hear noise. So I trekked across the field only to be met by a fence, but a little farther along the fence and back through the trees I found a spot in disrepair to slip through. It was a flea market.
As I wandered between table after table of stuff, I came across this man, strategically sitting in front of the Zeiss Ikon, Voigtländer, Mamiya et al that caught my eye.
Street photography interests me, but its an art I’m not practiced in. (And that’s to say nothing of the very loud mirror-slap in my D700.) I prefocused and shot while walking, especially as I passed by large mirrors propped on the ground. It was a fun, interesting experiment and one that I’m going to look for more often. While these aren’t necessarily keepers, at least it’s a rough idea of what the place was like.


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  • christine - I didn’t buy any of the cameras from the WV flea market; BUT, about a week or so after this blog post, one of my very sweet readers shipped me an Argus that she found while she was out and thought of me! I have gotten it all cleaned up but need to run a roll of film through it, and that’ll be a post all its own. stay tuned, Sheila! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Ray - Arthritic fingers, perhaps, Ms. Gardiner, from snapping all those Hershey bars.ReplyCancel

  • Jim - Did you buy one???ReplyCancel

  • kate gardiner photography - i love the hershey man’s fingers. they look like they have been broken a few times!ReplyCancel