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the low-budget tour guide

I am a low-budget tour guide; I can show what I’ve already explored, explain what I can remember and I can walk a long way.

My brother and I drove the kids to school this morning and immediately set out. We started by climbing to the top of the Washington memorial; walked through the WWII Memorial, down along the reflecting pool to the Korean War Memorial, weighed President Lincoln’s words against those of modern day politicians…and then we walked to the White House, over to the Smithsonian and saw the Hope Diamond, walked to the other end of the National Mall to the steps of Capitol Hill and then rushed off to catch the Metro to get back in time to pick up the kids from school.

We’ll catch whatever got left out tomorrow.

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  • Lisa Stein - Fun to see photos… we visited DC in June. Is that the Hope Diamond? Great shots!ReplyCancel