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Philadelphia | the City of Brotherly Love

Well, it’s not all brotherly and love in Philadelphia, as we found in the first few moments of driving with the locals downtown. 😐

dsc_9172.jpgNevertheless, a great time. We took our kids to see the Liberty Bell and more of the history the East Coast is so rich with and full of. Jonathan and Alexis were recruited into the Continental Army and, after basic training, were told to report at exactly 6:30 a.m. the following morning to fight for $2 a month. As she was handed her orders, (dated January 1778) and dismissed, Alexis ran over to ask, “Can we go!?” We learned about Ben Franklin, Christ Church and snacked on the perfect sorbetto.

dsc_9300.jpgAfter we burned out downtown, we were graciously received at the home of David and Cathy Maxey. The kids splashed in their pool and chased fireflies as the late afternoon turned into evening, and the grown-ups talked about life in Plush East (Philadelphia) and Plush, Oregon. Before we left, Mr. Maxey presented us with a signed copy of his book, “Elizabeth Willing Powel,” and I’m midway to learning why only in a superficial sense Matthew Pratt’s portrait of Powel might be regarded as revealing.


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  • christine - Mr. Kirby! how wonderful to hear from you! yes, keep checking in and that way we can continue to keep in touch.

    you are absolutely right, it would be wonderful to take a Holga to a rodeo — and maybe this summer I’ll do just that. and I’ll post it all here for you to see.

    have a very happy and blessed Easter!ReplyCancel

  • Derek Kirby - Hey Christine!
    I finally got to your websight! Great place with great work! I happened across your card and thought I would send a note to you to tell you God’s Blessings to you and Carlos and the kids and to your art! Hope all is great in your life and I am glad for the time to know you and look forward to seeing more of your work. WOW! Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a Holga camera on the Country Western side of the world at a rodeo with all of its glitz and glammer and spurs? Wonderful wishes to you and yours! Respectfully, Derek KirbyReplyCancel

  • Paul - I love these pictures of the kids!!!
    We are currently PCSing to Rhode Island!
    Right now I am in Charleston, SC!!
    We will be stopping in Philly on Sunday!
    Hope all is well with ya’ll.