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Springfield Gladiators

JonathanFootball is serious business in Virginia, I’m learning. Jonathan is eight, and his division started practice August 6 for two hours each night until The Draft and then his team, Coach Bruno’s Gladiators, continued to practice daily until school started, when they reluctantly moved to only three nights a week. Scrimmages are on the weekends. Jonathan is making friends with his teammates, Alexis is making friends with all the little sisters who run on the sidelines (and, uh, get themselves covered in poison ivy and poison oak from head to toe; but that’s another post!) and we’re finding friends in the coaches and other parents. One of the team Moms loaned us “Remember the Titans” and we were so grateful to her for initiating us properly into our first football season in Virginia. All in all, the Anklebiter Division of SYC Football has been one of the most positive and rewarding activities we’ve participated in since moving to this area.

Last weekend’s scrimmage was important to the Gladiators because it was their last chance to practice before their first big game this weekend. At practice Monday night after the scrimmage, Jonathan was 1 of 3 on his team of 16 players to receive a helmet sticker for lining up on defense on the last play of the game between the center and the guard and shooting the gap on a 3rd down and half yard to go for the other team. He stopped the runner dead in his tracks for no gain — pretty impressive.

Yesterday at a practice scrimmage, he “pancaked” the defender when
he was playing right guard. He actually knocked his guy backward, falling him over another teammate and knocking that guy over as well — essentially, flattening two players all on his own. (It doesn’t hurt that he’s big for a second grader, 86 pounds and sporting adult male size 7.5 cleats!)

And then there’s that LSU team (not the greatest weekend for us to gloat in front of our new friends…)

Fall has arrived in Virginia.

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  • Christine - Actually, it was one of the boys you raised who sat and explained it all to me! I just took good notes. 🙂ReplyCancel