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Solomons Island

We spent Memorial Day weekend “camping” at Solomons Island. I say that with quotes because we are not campers by nature.

40970001web.jpgThis is how we saw it: we pulled into the campsite and set up our tent (all those preschool years of pitching IKEA tents in the kids’ rooms sure paid off for me!); then we immediately hit the beach. After a full day of sun and sand, we ventured into town and walked along the boardwalk. We put our name in for dinner at a perfect little Italian place and, because they couldn’t seat us until 9 p.m., walked back down the boardwalk to a cute little patio and sipped wine, Widmere on draft and Shirley Temples in the perfect evening air. Long past bedtime, after dinner and a fabulous chocolate dessert, we drove back to our tent and fell asleep on the hard grass covered with silky tent material and a denim quilt my sister made us (my sister not only camps sans quotes, she Camps with a Capital C, so I figured it should be our official camping blanket). We slept until quiet hours ended, then packed up our tent and headed to Panera Bread for breakfast on the way home. A great time had by all.

Here is what our Camp with a Capital C neighbors saw: family pulls up in brand new SUV that doesn’t even have a granule of sand inside, let alone mud on its tires; sets up a tiny tent and two chairs noboby ever sits in; tosses a football for a bit and then disappears; never fires up the BBQ pit; returns long after quiet hours in the darkness of night and heads toward the bathrooms with their toothbrushes; misses sunrise; misses eggs and links over the BBQ pit; finally emerges from the tiny tent as everybody else has started to prepare lunch; disassembles tiny tent and drives away after only one night of a three-day weekend. ❗

I took only my RAZR and my Holga, which for me is Camping sans quotes with a Capital C…