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sandwiched somewhere between Southern California and Seattle

is Lakeview High School. This morning, I caught up to my classmate Mark Beagle for coffee and my son captured us as we stood in between California Pizza Kitchen and Starbucks.


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  • Dean Schulze - Great picture of you and Mark. You both look great. Christine, how do you stay so beautiful as we all age and grow old!?? 🙂 You do look great, what ever your doing keep it up. Take care and thanks so much for sharing your photos. You do great work…what an art! Talk to ya again soon hopefully.ReplyCancel

  • christine - it doesn’t show up on this main page, but your avatar looks FANTASTIC if I can say so myself.

    worth every sour Skittle he’s paid, Jonathan says of his part-time photo assist gig.


  • Thin king man - Very nicely done, Jonathan. Your photo is fantastic.
    A chip off the old block, n’est-ce pas?ReplyCancel