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Rome wasn’t built in a day

That’s what I tell myself when I look at the calendar and count how many days ago the movers came.   I do this every few days or so as I’m looking down my list of things I’d like to change/paint/redecorate/undo/redo/fix or otherwise attend to in the house so that I can feel moved-in.

Last weekend, I had lofty goals to complete several projects, one of which was a light fixture that bugged me (no pun intended.)

This is the light over our bed:


You can get it at Home Depot for like five bucks.  If you like it that much, let me know because I know where you can get one for FREE!

If you look at it up close, you’ll see that the base of it doesn’t even cover some random, unexplained hole drilled into the ceiling.  It’s also one of those lights that becomes a backlit final resting place for fliers that stupidly fall prey to heat.  Here it is up close:


So it turns out that the electrical mishap with the fans in the kitchen was a blessing in disguise: it turned my husband into a completely competent electrician!  Well, for some jobs.  Like this one he did this for me last weekend:


It’s about all we got done last weekend and now suddenly next weekend is already here, bringing with it adventures in changing the direction a door swings…


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  • tony - Good things come in time! Everything happens later than we really want it to.ReplyCancel

  • Beth - LOL – I am dying here. I bought my house 2 years ago complete with the horrible brass builders grade lighting. ummm yep – still here. Love your choice for the new one! You have motivated me!ReplyCancel

  • christine - Kate, I know. I’m the same way with hanging stuff. it’s one of the perks of being married to a pilot; like architects, pilots are very spatial people:


    Me? I’m textbook verbal-linguistic. I choose paint colors based on the name, and I have no idea how the paint is going to look on the wall until it’s applied, which explains why I’ve now painted my bathroom for the fourth time. !

    I LOVE your idea for reassigning the glass! I will definitely do that. unless, of course, I hear from somebody that they really want it for their bedroom. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • kate gardiner - i’m impressed you have photos on the wall! :O) jason and i have lived here almost a year and there is a LOT of white space on our walls with frames sitting on the floor against the wall. could be cool if we meant to avant garde, but honestly we both hate using the level and can never get the spacing right.

    love the new fixture. i would take the glass from the old one and put rocks and candles in it for an outdoor center piece.ReplyCancel

  • --christine - I think the original ones, like from when we were kids, could have had a shot at being cool and retro. this poor thing, complete with with plastic cap…

    speaking of cool and retro: the mirrors in the bathrooms are the exact same as the ones we had in our house when I was a kid! as we redid the bathrooms, we left them. but that’s another post, because now they’re completely the wrong color and I have to work up the nerve (and find a trustworthy how-to) to shabby chic paint them a believable 39-year-old color. anybody have ideas?

    and speaking of paint, the color of the walls in my bedroom needs to change. gray is in, and being a black and white girl and all I generally love gray, but with the wood floors and black furniture it’s just too cool. I want more warmth.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Aw, come on, Christine! I’ve had light fixtures like that first one in every base house I’ve lived in during my life (remember my dad was Air Force), until the lovely “remodeled” house at Altus. Aren’t they cool and “retro” at this point? 🙄

    Okay, maybe I like the one you chose and Carlos hung for you a little better. 😉ReplyCancel