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[photo of Zach, by Miette] (View one of my many photos of Miette’s son, Zach, here, fourth from the top, left,) and laugh at how differently kids react to their mom’s camera than they do to mine! (Unless, of course, they are my kids!) One of my favorite things is an inbox peppered with funny, touching, goofy and documentary pictures that my friends send me of their kids. It’s a trip: many of these kids are mini versions of the friends I grew up with, went to college with, survived deployments with, loved, laughed and shared my entire lifetime with. (And some of them are gobbledygook of code when the image doesn’t translate properly! Not that I want to name any names, Stooks, but I’m dying to see your twins… 🙂 ) Miette took me seriously when I told her to fill her frame with her subject.

This little gem arrived with the subject line “look at this baby!” and these words of wisdom:

I spend one day a week providing “daycare” – I only wish I could spend 5 days a week! Love your children with everything you have – move them into adulthood, because what you really want out of life is grandchildren!

[photo by Julie]

See? Doesn’t this photo just make you want to scoop this little guy up and squeeze him? Maybe freeze time? 🙂

Sheer joy gushes from these emails attached to photographs. Any photo in my inbox, even a technically incorrect photograph, is a treasure. Just as the human eye fills in the missing pixels of a low-res image, our hearts fill in a photograph’s inadequacies with our love for its subject. Photos are like pizza; even a bad one is still pretty good. (Most times.)

And it’s so FUN! So keep sending them…

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  • Guy Wire - Great post as usual, Christine. In answer to your question, yes, that picture does make me want to scoop that little guy up and hug the heck out of him. I also think the other one is very endearing as well.ReplyCancel