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Operation: Painting the “L”

The L that overlooks Lakeview from Black Cap is much bigger and much farther up the mountain today than I remembered it from when I was a kid. We hiked it anyway. Up we went with friends, paint, water, snacks, backpacks, kids, and a few cameras. We found some dead animal skulls sporting huge teeth and watched as paragliders sailed just overhead.


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  • Julie Strong - Christine, those pictures are amazing!  They make me homesick.  🙂ReplyCancel

  • christine - 🙂  I KNEW it was your idea!   it was a good one.


    I wonder if anyone else has the dare and determination to challenge our mission before summer’s end?  must be willing to drag at least 20 cans of athletic field spray paint and three elementary school kids to apply, and must provide photo proof of mission completion.  may the best photo win, my readers decide.



  • Angie - Your mission, should you choose to accept it, it to climb to the “L”, paint each little rock white and return, safely, to the bottom.  Mission Accomplished!  What a fun and exhausting time we had!  Yeah, I’m pretty sure that it was MY idea to climb…ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Thomas - Wow! I happened to stumble upon your site via Blog Explosion.  Your images are amazing – especially the black and white of the three kids.  It looks like an image taht would appear in a magazine like Vanity Fair.  Great job!ReplyCancel