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no cherries, no peaches, just pairs

Pairs as in Shimano. Keen. Teva. Frye. Nike. Flojos.

I’m fascinated by these trees lining isolated stretches of highway, dripping in passerby’s artfully tossed footwear. I’m a shoe girl, what more can I say?

My sister and her family live on a cattle ranch at the brink of Hell’s Canyon. We’re on our way to visit. Out here, even the cattle guards are the real deal, not the painted-on kind.


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  • Paul - When I was little, I was always confused by the phenomenon of dangling shoes. Normally I saw them on power lines, but no matter where they were I was always slightly amused.
    Well according to wikipedia, the shoes you found potentially could have meant…. a place where illeagal drugs are sold, where a gang member had killed somebody, where somebody had celebrated a forthcoming marriage, or even where an Arab decided to show great disrespect! Or maybe the heat just got to their heads….ReplyCancel

  • Matt Dorroh - Very cool stuff!  Thank you for the blog love 🙂  Your blog rocks, I love the layout and design!ReplyCancel

  • ericamay photography - i love it! the photos are great — i have never witnessed anything like this before. your title is hilarious! great work.ReplyCancel