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New York City


We took our Children to New York City for Christmas to take in all of the craze that is the city during the holidays. Everything was lit up, the window displays were bizarre and fabulous, the streets were full, we splashed in rain and dodged other tourists’ umbrellas. Alexis spent some of her Christmas money from Grandma on a Glamkat that we found at a craft fair just outside Central Park. We went to Mass at St. Patrick’s and saw the NYC Ballet’s Nutcracker. One night, we took the kids to the Hard Rock (their goal is to eat at each one by the time they grow up) and another night we just ducked into some random restaurant that looked good and everybody was wow-ed: I got a plate of king crabs that was to die for, more than I’ve ever seen — ever — and they were ALL MINE, covered in a rich, buttery, scampi sauce! Crab legs are like chocolate Pepperidge Farm cookies, you know? Everybody loves them, but there’s never quite enough of them (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Not this night! We passed on dessert mostly because we were full but also because each one had nuts in some form (we have allergies) and our waiter (a Broadway producer by day) brought back a bowl of blue cotton candy! Thrilling.

Anyhow, this is a photo blog and all, and the real reason I’m posting is to try out a new trick I’ve been studying (more code!) for displaying photos. I’ve been looking for a way to decrease my load time for search engines (which means decreasing image size and quality) and increase the size of the images to show them off — only the two are mutually exclusive. Until I learned this. datetime=”2008-04-18T17:04:12+00:00″>Click on the thumbnails below and it will bring up the photo larger; if you click on the first one of the lights and then, as it’s displayed larger, you can move your cursor over the photo and get a “next” button so you can scroll through all of the images larger with one click.

It’s way more fun, but is it easier or more cumbersome for readers?

Forget it! the code didn’t survive the export and import to my blog’s new home…



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  • Christine - sometimes I can’t see the forest through the trees — it was a fun and challenging project but I think I’ve decided to use the overlay and slide show only if a viewer clicks on the photo to ignite it; otherwise, the blog will present as it always has. best of both worlds.

    this weekend’s project: testing a flash-embedded slide show so that I can present an album online. 🙂

    thank you all for your input — have a very happy 2008!ReplyCancel

  • antisocialist - I think I prefer the old way.

    But more than that, I think you should have a great new year’s eve. Do everything I wouldn’t do …ReplyCancel

  • teressa - First, the only thing I don’t like is the idea that the drama will go away. It is awesome to open up your blog and immediatly see large photos that impress right away. I agree with a previous comment…. Keep one or two the old way, and then the rest in the new format. No problems at all to click on it and scroll on from there. Cool! So now we have great large shots of Ian, Amazing shots of Nia. I want one of me, and a family portrait. We may just have to plan another trip to you in the not-to-distant future! miss you! Happy New Year!ReplyCancel

  • Paul Metzgar - Awesome!!!
    We were in NYC a few weeks ago for a concert.
    It was my first time there.
    Aren’t the decorations for Christmas unbelievable?
    Glad you guys had a great trip!
    Since you were that far north you should have just continued up to RI!ReplyCancel

  • Jana - Truthfully, I like the old way better. This way you lose that moment of scrolling down and being completely caught off guard with the captivating images. However, I have a high speed connection at work which makes it quick and easy for me to get everything- so someone with a slower load time might feel differently. Here is a thought: what if for each post you picked a couple of photos and had them in the larger format so it still has the immediate impact and then included a bunch of the tiles underneath or down the sides? When I first started looking at your sight was when the Gladiators made the play offs and I remember being completely stunned as I scrolled down by the pictures of little kids that managed to portray a fun loving sense of the game but looked like a miniature version of a professional team. I was hooked immediately. I think you lose that with just the tiles.

    Glad the trip was fun. I always have the most bizarre and delightful experiences in NYC. Things happen there that don’t seem to happen any place else in the world. Last time I was there, I asked one of the dog walkers to let me try it and he did – there must have been 20 of them. It was a hoot being dragged along by what felt like an Iditarod sled team of little yappy dogs.ReplyCancel

  • Christine - 🙂 Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Your Husband - The links worked just fine and it was easy to scroll through to the next image.

    Love you, you’re doing great things with the blog.

    BTW, the Gingerbread men photo below is one of my favorites ever. 😉ReplyCancel