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I’ll be the first to admit I’m a tech junkie. I have more email addresses than I can name, all dumping messages into a central inbox that feeds to my iPod or my text message inbox if I’m out. Technology fascinates me. It’s fun.

But I have yet to see technology that comes close to beating out my regular old U.S. Postal Service mailbox during the holidays as it starts filling up with photographs of friends and family. I love it. Admittedly, I delete the form letters as easily as I delete in my inbox or reader, but I keep each photograph forever. I love looking at the children, how they’ve grown and changed, how much they look like one parent or the other, the children that have been added to families since last Christmas, the vacations, laughter and sharing… I’ve said this before to just about any parent who will listen, there is absolutely no substitute for a real photograph. Today’s snapshots become tomorrow’s heirlooms — or maybe wedding slide show fodder. 🙂


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  • christine - see?  I told you I’d forget something!  I love the pictures of people’s pets!


  • christine - oh wow, I sure left out a LOT of things that I love about receiving Christmas cards in the mail!  to name just a few (because I’m sure I’ll have to update this again!):


    the heartbreaking beauty of the San Juan mountains on Lora’s card each year; the magazine layouts that Monty cooks up to showcase their little angel; the photos that I’ve taken during the year for clients that come back to me at Christmas in ways that are so surprisingly different from the plain ol’ photos I delivered, turned into unique and creative and distinctively their own; the cards from fellow photographers that wow me with their unique perspective and flavor; the cards from friends who hired photographs I’m not familiar with — wow, there are a LOT of great photographers out there! — sporting designs I’ve never seen and unparalleled creativity; and the handwritten messages from people who still take time to make that important, personal connection.  What I didn’t leave out and repeat: I LOVE IT!  I love them all!  keep them coming!


  • Lora - Well, I have no kids to photograph but I sent out photo cards anyway!  HA  Hope you’re well.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - I am pitiful with technology. Seriously, I need help. I tried to read the post you linked to and it was like reading something in a foreign language. Gah!
    But I do agree with you about having and actual photo to put in a frame or on my bulletin board rather than just on mu computer. It’s a tangible connection to our families and friends that a digital photo just isn’t.
    Great shot of your kids, btw.
    Happy Christmas!

  • Julie Strong - Now I feel bad that I got non-photo Christmas cards this year!  🙂  Next year . . . .ReplyCancel

  • Brent Conrad - You are so right with that.  When I first started reading your blog here I was amazed at how big your kids got.  I remember when I was working at the bowling alley and your daughter was so cute and came up to the counter and said she was hungry.  ReplyCancel