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More First Communion & Photographing the Photographer’s Child

The good news is, being a photographer and all, I have some really fabulous toys to play with in photographing my own children. The bad news is, my children, having endured thousands of Mommy’s bright ideas with all that stuff of hers, generally give me only a fraction of the time other children give to play and create before they start to clown around and be finished with the whole game. And because Mommy is busy playing photographer, and because Daddy knows better than to be anywhere near, my own children are pretty much sans parents during the shoot (which of course is a violation of my own contract.)

The good news is, this teaches me to work FAST. And when photographing children, a photographer can never be too fast.   🙂

P.S. Part of the fun was that she got to wear her CHANEL lip gloss; thank you, Mrs. Robin!

And just for fun, the only shot I could grab today of her brother:


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  • christine - yes! I should have mentioned that many years ago I had a jewelry business and I used to make rosaries; when my children were still babies, I made a sapphire rosary for my son and a ruby rosary for my daughter and saved them for their First Communion. this is the ruby rosary, handwired with sterling silver.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Beautiful, sweet, pious, funny!
    Did you make her rosary?ReplyCancel

  • christine - KATE!!!! How wonderful to hear from you! I’m so excited to have found you again, I always think about all of the little tricks you taught me in the newsroom (“get a UV filter on that thing before you scratch it!”) I haven’t seen you since that day we had brunch right before I left Tucson, can’t remember the name of the place but it was on Speedway down by I-10? Remember how good the food was there? None of us could afford it. I always wonder about those places, was it good because we were starving journalists and so hungry? Or was it just really good? 🙂 I can’t WAIT to check out your photos and what you’ve been up to, off to your site right now. Keep in touch, okay!!?ReplyCancel

  • Kate gardiner - christine these are gorgeous! thought i would check out your blog through the blog love thread. way better than my first communion fotos a bizillion years ago. :O) glad to see you got a couple of her still being a kid and not just an angel!ReplyCancel