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meeting the Robinsons

0234web.jpg about the time when faces are tired of smiling, siblings are pushing and the baby is starting to fuss — generally the signal to Moms that the opportunity for a picture-perfect portrait has passed — most people put their cameras away. I learned from Dennis Darling that one should always continue shooting even when (perhaps especially when) everybody else has packed up their camera for the journey. I tried it once on an airplane and found he was right! so I tried it in the studio with kids, and found that sometimes the best laughs come when we stop taking everything so seriously and let things fall apart for awhile. babies cry (right when you place them into the arms of carefully posed and waiting siblings). brothers and sisters roughhouse (and somebody gets smashed). life is not (picture) perfect.

the four Robinson children are beautiful, well-mannered and very interesting to talk with. I learned that they’re planning to go to college because their mother will make them and that sometimes coaches forget who played short-stop last time and then some kid will get to play that position more than once. when they are adults and look back at the images we accomplished, I want the Robinson children to see how seriously cute they were as kids, and the closeness and fun that come with being a kid and not taking picture day too seriously.