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Meeting Chief Zee

:start jingle:

Let Eastern Motors/
Put you in a car today-hey/
Let Eastern Motors/
Finance it all-the-way-hey…

We’re big fans. We went to the Washington Auto Show last weekend just to meet Chief Zee.

If you don’t know the tune, the Eastern commercial makes it easy to learn.

:jingle replays inside your head for life:


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  • Christine - my kids weren’t interested in the cheerleaders (wonder how that will evolve in the next five years?!) they only wanted their photo with Chief Zee. lucky for you, because when the cheerleaders asked them what their names were to sign the photos, they told them “Uncle Jeff” and “Uncle Daniel.” !ReplyCancel

  • Jeff - hey–where’s the Washington Redskin cheerleaders who were sitting right next to him?ReplyCancel