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Kendall, I’m so excited for you as you embark on your adventure to spend your senior year of high school in Germany!  Have fun!


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  • christine - Hi John! Fun to see you on my blog, I clicked through to your site and enjoyed looking at your photos!

    Great question, I think I’m going to draft a post of what’s in my bag to answer your question more specifically but generally, I use Visatec strobes in-studio and I’ve been very happy with Visatec/Bron/Kobold the couple of times I’ve had to send something in for repair. Lots of my photog friends use Profoto and rave about those.

    You can do an awful lot with a speedlight and 60-inch umbrella. Outside or on-location, I use Nikon SB800s and a Photoflex 60-inch umbrella (I have an attachment to hook my flash to a lightstand and hold the umbrella, but sometimes, in a pinch, I ball-bungee the flash to whatever is available and shoot without the umbrella.) I have David Hobby (Strobist) and Zack Arias to thank for everything I know about lighting — they are phenomenal photographers and instructors who truly want their students to learn from them. Check out their videos, worth every red cent, or take one of their workshops to explode your mind.

    I would recommend to any photographer to learn — truly learn — to master off-camera flash before investing in more powerful strobes. Otherwise, you might regret spending a lot of money on something you don’t really need or understand, and sacrifice what you really do need by jumping in too quickly.

    It’s not lighting, but something that I think should be in every photographer’s hands: a Lastolite reflector! Portable, easy to use and a very simple, inexpensive way to pop extra light into your photo and/or add catch-lights to your subject’s eyes when shooting outdoors.

    I hope this helps! Stay in touch and keep visiting… 🙂ReplyCancel

  • christine - Thank you, Chuck! You have an exceptionally beautiful family…ReplyCancel

  • John Downey - Christine,
    Good post on reading a histogram. So many have it and don’t realize that it’s probably the best point-and-shoot tool available.

    Separately, what do you use for lighting? Any regrets or favorite features of what you’re using/had used?


  • Chuck - I’m biased (the Dad), but I love the shots and can’t wait to see more. Christina, you are an artist!ReplyCancel