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Katy is a very interesting and impressive young woman. She has four brothers, one of them her twin; she loves running marathons and white water rafting; she just returned from a year in Uganda; she’s a junior at the United States Naval Academy; she has a long to-do list of goals for her life including (but not limited to) climbing the world and swimming the seas.

She spends her week in uniform, so on her days off, she’s admittedly a girly-girl (she confessed to owning only one pair of jeans!)


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  • Paul McNerney - What a beautiful woman!  Her eyes are stunning, you have captured so well.  The image with the Pelican case reminds me of a old movie still:-)ReplyCancel

  • christine - the Pelican is my favorite, too!  I knew the instant it clicked, I told her that was our shot of the day and I was right (although, the parents and the subjects always pick a different favorite from mine!) 

    her enthusiasm for life is infectious.


  • kate gardiner - my favorite is the one of her on the pelican case! so timeless. awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - What a beauty.
    From your description of her, it sounds like the Navy will be gaining a quality officer in a couple of years.ReplyCancel