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is there a doctor in the house?

Halloween 2007

This morning I drove a doctor and a veterinarian to school. And as I was driving, looking at them in the rearview mirror, I was thinking to myself, wow, that would be pretty cool if they ended up being a doctor and veterinarian one day. And then as I pulled up into the carpool line, I started to think about how it would only be a decade away that the would-be doctor and veterinarian would be driving themselves off to college, and another decade after that before they finished. Whew! Twenty more years of school? (And tuition?) Maybe next year I’ll talk them into being artists or photographers. 😛

Later this afternoon, I arrived at the school for the annual Halloween parade and class parties. I found the spider stretched across the doorway to a first grade classroom. The doctor was in his classroom repairing the head of a pumpkin in between bites, and the vet was playing Boo Bingo while Spiderman watched over her shoulder.

My friend Suzanne’s daughter snapped a photo of us, and she was just too cute working her mother’s pocket digital, I had to break rank and snap a photo of her snapping a photo of us.

Everybody left the party too sick to even sneak any of the candy by the front door on our way in.


Happy Halloween!