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iPhone fun

I got this app for my iPhone and now I can’t put it down…


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  • Eric - Once I looked really close, I saw the different colored text. It is pretty hard to see however. CardStar is pretty nice, the only problem I have had is it does not work with my screen cover.ReplyCancel

  • christine - CardStar FREE completely replaces all those keychain cards! wow!ReplyCancel

  • christine - http://shakeitphoto.com/ $.99

    I need to change the color of links on my blog because they’re not showing up clearly enough, sorry about that. I haven’t had this much fun with a camera since my brother gave me a Canon Snappy for my 10th birthday. ! no joke.

    no, I haven’t tried CardStar but thanks for the tip! how does that work when you have to scan your grocery card or library card before purchase/check-out? do you look up the number and then punch them in? no worries, I’ll just go to itunes and check it out. thanks also for the tip last weekend; I love that I can be anywhere in the world and cartoon text you and POOF your response comes seconds later.ReplyCancel

  • Eric - What app is it? Have you tried CardStar? It is an app that holds all of your discount barcodes for grocery stores, best buy, etc. so you don’t have all of the cards in your wallet or on your keychain.ReplyCancel