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I have some wonderfully thoughtful friends!  I unwrapped many unexpected gifts during the holidays, several of which were housewarming gifts.  One was a set of napkin rings from Tanya (whom I photographed just before I started blogging) and another a vintage hook from Sheila, whom I’ve known since Kindergarten.  It doesn’t matter where in the world we go, our house is always filled with the thoughtfulness and memories of those who have touched our lives along the way. 


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  • Sheila - ohhh…..what a great idea!… I love contests and I love to give 🙂
    BTW I just created a quote for my office that will be displayed near my treadmill and Ironman poster…”If there’s magic in fighting battles beyond endurance, it’s the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you.” I think there is at least an 1/2 ironman in my future. Thanks again for sharing my passion!ReplyCancel

  • christine - I really had intended to write MUCH MORE about the UL catalog you sent me! I have combed through the website before (click on Sheila’s name to see what I mean) and I had a good idea of what you were doing, but seeing it in print really made a difference for me, it gave me a much better idea of how it could fit into MY world. so I definitely want to encourage people to contact you to learn more, it’s a whole lot of fun and very unique.

    I think we should design a wall of photographs with some of the UL designs around them??? the only question would be, whose wall? which state? hmmm. I think there’s a blog contest in our future for one lucky reader…


  • Sheila - Christine it was a joy to share. I love that you have the catalog behind it… how sweet was that. I am 29 ladies strong and will continue with UL. I have loved it as much as I adore your photography! You inspire ME!