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Family Portrait Marathon


Q: What is a family portrait marathon?
A: For me, it’s a marathon day of shooting!  For you, it’s a chance to get a family portrait for the upcoming holiday season at a special session price.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $50/family (up to six individuals), and that includes Mom’s choice of one digital file to use for holiday greeting cards.

Q: How do I reserve my time?
A: Submit a request for the Family Portrait Marathon via the contact form on my portfolio; I will schedule all requests in the order that they are received.  Please be as detailed as possible as you submit your scheduling request!  After the session is scheduled, you will receive more detailed information about how to purchase and reserve your session.

Q: What color will the background be?
A: White or light gray.

Q: How does it work?
A: Each family session is scheduled in increments of 15 minutes; I work quickly to make the experience as productive and successful as possible. Within 10 days following the session, images will be posted on the client section of my website for Moms and Dads to preview. Parents choose their favorite image from the session and I deliver the image file electronically via email.

Q: Can I order additional prints later?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Do my husband and/or I have to be in the pictures?
A: No! Many families choose kids-only for their family portrait.  However, a parent must accompany and remain with minor children at all times during the session.

Q: What should we wear?
A: Simple, comfortable clothing works best for young children. Try to keep everyone in the same season (don’t pair your little girl’s sleeveless summer floral dress with a winter wool sweater on her brother) and try to coordinate colors in much the same way paint samples coordinate design colors. Avoid wearing all-white; choose bright and/or favorite colors and/or coordinating patterns instead. Denim looks great in black and white and color. Since we’ll be focusing mostly on faces, shoes won’t matter so much. If you have plans for the portrait to hang in a specific place in your home, consider the colors and furnishings of that room and build your family’s wardrobe to compliment that.

When it’s my family’s turn for portraits, I head to The Gap and choose an outfit for everybody using the colors for the current season that their designers have already worked so hard to pair together for me! 🙂

Q: Will the portraits be available in black and white or color?
A: Both.

Q: We’ll be out of town; will there be another day this is offered?
A: Family Portrait Marathons are seasonal events. If you can’t make the most recent date, please let me know and I will add you to the list for the next event.

Q: I live in Oregon; when are you coming to visit?
A: 🙂

Q: Can I post our portrait on Facebook?
A: Thank you for asking!  The answer is yes, although there is one caveat which I will discuss with you personally as you book your session.

Q: But the holiday is still so far away!
A: That’s not a question!   I’ve found the hardest part about getting family portraits is simply getting it on the calendar; once it’s scheduled, we’ll all be shocked at how quickly the date will arrive; and then WHOOSH, before we know it, the holiday will be next week and those who sit down to think about greeting cards already have a photo option in-hand to work with.

Q: I’ve already scheduled/am interested in scheduling a full portrait session for my child/children. Can I combine this with the family portrait session?
A: Yes! All portrait sessions from October-November include the additional family portrait session at no additional charge.

Q: Can I squeeze in just a few individual portraits of my adorable 3-year-old after we finish with the family?
A: This is the trickiest question for me because, as a Mom, I understand the desire and want to say yes but as a photographer, I’ve seen this desire sabotage sessions.    If a parent goes into the 15 minutes already rushing to hurry everybody up in order to make more time for additional groupings, the atmosphere gets tense and reflects on the faces of those I’m photographing.  Not only does the family portrait suffer, the subsequent images aren’t as successful as they might have been if they had been our main objective.  I’ll be working very hard to achieve a family portrait Mom loves.  15 minutes is the sweet spot of time I’ve found a family portrait deserves.

Additionally, in all fairness to the families scheduled after you, I need to remain mindful of keeping the sessions moving forward and on-time.

Having said that, remember that you can opt to have only your children in the family portrait or, if you purchase a full session at regular price from October-November, the family portrait session is included.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes!  All credit card payments will be processed via PayPal. Please understand that payment must be received in order to secure your scheduled date and time.

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