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Duck meets Quack


Duck, North Carolina beach house, seven families; very early mornings filled with sounds of air hockey, PacMan, Galaga and pool bouncing off tile floors; afternoons of kids like sugar cookies, covered in sand; evenings of fun and friendship and movies on the big screen. Picture perfect vacation.



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  • Sheila Murray - Wow!!! Christine, I’m so impressed with the pictures. I’d seen some, but not all, and you did a fantastic job! It is obvious that you have been doing this for awhile. Very, very nice. Thank you for taking time out of your vacation to take pictures of my boys and our family. We are extremely happy with the outcome.
    Love always, SheilaReplyCancel

  • Gooch - I’m TDY to Knoxville, TN and it’s Monday night. I just logged on to see the newly posted photos – wow! Christine, I think that you outdid yourself this time. I know you probably think that you could have done better (only b/c you are your biggest critic), but I am impressed with the variety, clarity and professional look to all of the photos. Very nice. Love you. CarlosReplyCancel

  • Christine - wow, what a week! such a great time. there was a LOT of stuff that wasn’t necessarily noticed or publicly recognized that made such a venture possible. thank you so much to those who saw a need and just did. and a special thanks to the families who finished cleaning up and checking out this morning.

    Godspeed, my friends…ReplyCancel

  • Alison - I am bringing flashlights for my kids – thought others may want to bring some along too! Leah is also big into making beaded necklaces so we will bring some stuff along for all the girls to make some if they want. We are all excited – kids especially because they get to miss school!: grin:ReplyCancel

  • Sheila Murray - Well Meg, it took me a while to figure out that we have over 1000 miles to drive. For some reason I thought it was a short trip. Darn, I feel like a fool. Funny thing is, Dan knew all along. We are on vacation right now in Sacramento. We depart tomorrow for Florida. See everyone very soon.

  • Meg heithcock - hi.. okay, we are just now checking this website less than a week from when we all are to meet, we just learned where we are going and how long the drive is, 13 hours… shew! Checking into flights months ago would have been the better way to go. We’ll be sick of singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall” 🙂

    Alas, we look forward to seeing everyone.

  • Sheila Murray - Alison, I hear you. My boys love to play in the pool and ocean. So, I know that I will be spending a lot of time outdoors with them. We will pack up some beach toys. (shovels, balls, frisbees)

  • Alison - Hey guys! Hopefully somebody else likes Star Wars and Captain Underpants. We will have our gameboys from the plane ride and bring some favorite movies. Will somebody be able to bring sand toys and outdoor stuff like frisbees, footballs etc.? I really hope to be outside with them most of the time which will be good for any nappers!! We’re getting excited!!ReplyCancel

  • Sheila Murray - Hi guys! Thank you ladies for putting so much of your time into the planning of this vacation.

  • Gooch - Ezy,

    Danny Boy, Wardo and Ely know about the golf and were told to bring clubs (and tennis rackets if they so choose). I haven’t googled courses around the outer banks but we probably have a few to choose from. 3 vs 3 scramble recommended with losers being humiliated by the winners in some juvenile way.ReplyCancel

  • Ian - Who’s in for golf? I’m bringing my clubs.
    We might want to think about setting up tee times.
    Anyone else bringing a tennis racket?ReplyCancel

  • Teressa - Great job Christine! Thanks for keeping us all organized and updated. Thank you.
    – TeressaReplyCancel

  • Alison - Scott, Mark said he talked to you about this, but I’m sending it anyway. If it’s too late, go with his order. I am sure it will be fantastic whatever it ends up being!

    Here are our votes for food:
    Salad: Boston Bibb Lettuce, Roquefort and Toasted Walnuts, Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Salad
    Entree: Pommery Mustard Marinated and Grilled Chicken with Herbed Currituck New Potatoes and Spicy Sugar Snap Peas, Blackened Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa and Coconut Jasmine Rice
    Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake with Sweet Balsamic Drizzle

    Mark and I may be the only ones that don’t drink wine so we have no preference there!

    Great job with all the planning!!ReplyCancel

  • Sheila Murray - Groovers and Groovettes,
    With regard to the dinner, check Christine’s choices…we second that emotion. Dan has violent illness with Lamb/Mutton of any kind, so please no sheep. Also, no scallops please.

    We’ll bring whatever products you think we need from Sam’s club (is anyone making a list?) and probably a case of wine…we’ll bring a variety of reds.

    We can’t wait!!ReplyCancel

  • Teressa - Regarding the fancy dinner – I too will eat anything on the menu so whatever! Looks awesome.

    I like the idea of adding wine to the staple list. Seems easier if everybody does think they’ll have some. But whatever works for the group is fine with me. Ian and I both prefer red….. french of any kinds, italian chianti’s, or pinot noirs. But again, whatever. If that’s too tough to get a concensus then maybe those that do want to drink wine can bring maybe 2-3 bottles of whatever they like to share?

    I too like the idea of getting out of the house one night for dinner. Perhaps those two remaining dinner evenings the guys can cook one night, and the women the other.ReplyCancel

  • christine - dead won’t be sounding too bad to a Groover on slide show night! 😎ReplyCancel

  • Teressa - Jennet – I know we haven’t met yet, but you have a hottie for a husband. lol. Great posted pics Christine!

    My adult dinner votes (thank you Wards for coordinating):

    Tuna Tartare
    Cesar Salad w/Jerk spiced shrimp

    Filet of beef
    Lobster Tournedos

    Pineapple filled crepes
    Warm Banana splitsReplyCancel

  • Jennet Ward - Hi guys, I have all the condiments, cooking oil, salt and pepper, etc that we never opened from our trip there in June. So I’ll send along a list to you of what you don’t need to get at the store. The things we used a lot were toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, laundry and dish detergent. We were running the dishwasher at least two times a day, and the beach got our clothes pretty dirty. As far as the dinners, Scott and I don’t mind at all cooking one night. Just let us know. Since they make you empty the fridge, etc. Sunday morning, we usually eat all the leftover food on Saturday night. It’s amazing how much food is left in the fridge the day you leave that doesn’t get eaten and gets trashed. Also, since the check in isn’t until 4PM on Sunday, we usually don’t cook that night because we are too busy unpacking groceries and clothes. But maybe that’s because we have 3 little ones. Gooch and Mrs Gooch, million thanks for doing Christmas photos. Great idea!ReplyCancel

  • Wardo - Christine, I will kill you next time I see you for putting that picture on the webpage! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Wardo - Here are my choices for dinner, but I’ll eat anything on this menu.

    Salad of Red and Yellow Tomatoes, Shaved Fennel, Parmesan

    Corn and Lump Crab Chowder

    Fillet of Beef with Shallot Risotto, Wild Mushrooms and Baby Spinach

    Lobster Tournedos over Curried Lentils with Puree of Mango and Vanilla Bean

    Chocolate Brownies with Coconut Ice CreamReplyCancel

  • Jennet Ward - It’s pretty unfair that I keep looking older , but Scott , and Gooch for that matter, still look like they are 21…. : 🙂ReplyCancel

  • christine - ah, I’m so glad you asked! there’s more — so much more. in fact, I feel guilty it’s so good; I’m considering a requirement that the Grooverettes submit at least one photo of herself with 80s hair. just to be fair. it’s that good.ReplyCancel

  • Gooch - Too funny. :mrgreen:

    We need more Stud Groover beach photos up. Where’s Malita, Cocky, Ezy and Weeble?ReplyCancel