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Gladiators advance to championship game!

A perfect fall day: cold, very cold, we woke up early and dressed for football. It was so cold, in fact, that Alexis and I sat in the warm car for an extra few minutes as I drank my coffee. I looked up, and saw this image of her in my rear-view mirror:


and it gave me an idea for a senior portrait shoot I have booked for this week.

My equipment is heavy. I would venture to guess my body and lens weigh more in pounds than my 7-year-old Alexis is old in years. But as we sat, she was interested, so I did what any photographer worth her weight in gold would do and encouraged her enthusiasm. I wrapped my strap around her neck, handed her my camera, showed her where the focus ring and shutter release was, and this is her first official photo:


And then we moved to the field and took some portraits of the team warming up, and of course the siblings whom we’ve all gotten to know:





And THEN we watched the Gladiators enter the field and win their first playoff game, 31-14. ❗ 😀







The season started with 8 teams, and now there are 2 — the championship game will be next weekend. No doubt, you’ll be hearing about it! I shot 351 frames today, and it will probably take me until Wednesday to get through them all and upload them for parents to see — but I couldn’t resist pre-editing and posting a few favorites. I told Jonathan this morning before we left the house that today, I wasn’t going to ask him if I could take his photo (which I always respectfully do), I was simply going to tell him when I was going to take his photo, and he would be obligated to oblige. And like a true Gladiator, he did!



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  • Christine - Thank you, Antisocialist! Those are two of my favorites, too — I didn’t realize it when I shot that rearview mirror photo, but now that I look at it I see that for so much of my children’s lives, I’ve been looking at them that way! it’s so interesting to me that as mothers, we so rarely photograph our children the way we see them but then when we SEE a photograph of them that truly represents the way we see them, we melt. it’s so interesting.

    Paul, I love your passion for photography, that you never miss an opportunity and aren’t afraid to ask! fortunately for me, but unfortunately in this case for you, I haven’t been given anything too heavy for me to handle. 🙂 it was pretty heavy for a 7-year-old, though, which is why there is so much camera blur. I shot these photos with two different lenses, I’ll go back and list the lens specs under the photos so that you can see the difference. my camera body is worth far less these days on eBay than any of my workhorse lens. if you’re going to invest in photography, lenses yield the best return. hold out until you can afford the best. until then? rent!ReplyCancel

  • antisocialist - Loved the photos, Christine. Particularly the rearview mirror and the black-and-white.

    Have fun at the championships. We can’t wait to see the pictures.ReplyCancel

  • Paul - You know if some of your gear is too heavy… I’m really strong?…
    I could take some off your hands if you really need me to? lol
    I am starting to die without F/2.8!!
    My mom says I’m too poor to buy even the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8, but there’s always Christmas!
    Tell Jonathan good luck in the big game!!

    Enjoyed the photos!