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fun with Photoshop CS5 content-aware (& texture)

In the lull between the last few weeks of craze before the next few weeks of insanity kicks in, I’ve taken advantage of some down time to backup, defrag and upgrade — including Adobe CS5.

If you missed the live debut of Photoshop’s content-aware fill, this is what all the hype is about:

To test, I took a recent SOOC (straight out of the camera) original image:

I used CS5 to enhance the digital file as part of my usual workflow. Then I added a layer of texture to make the grunge wall behind my subject even more interesting:

Then I called my kids over to watch what they call “Stupid Photoshop Tricks.” I do this for two reasons: 1.) because it’s fun and 2.) because I think it’s important for kids to see how much manipulation goes into the images that bombard them. It’s just a healthy dose of realism.

I selected my subject:

And to my daughter’s horror (and her brother’s delight,) I hit the “delete” key:

The dialog box that came up had “content-aware” selected as default. I hit okay. And whereas my previous version of CS3 would have left the area inside the selection a blank, erased field of white for me to painstakingly recreate, CS5 took less than a minute to process a suggested fill for me:

Granted, it isn’t perfect; the lines in the brick walkway don’t exactly add up, for example. But as I selected the clone tool to fix them, I was surprised and thrilled to find in CS5, the clone tool shows me a mirror image of what I’m about to stamp — invaluable hours saved trying to blindly line-up matching pixels!

I did a little bit more to clean up the content aware, but very quickly and without spending too much thought:

And then, of course, I hit open apple-Z to step backward and reinsert my beautiful sunshine, this time within an altered, content-aware filled format:

A trained eye could easily spot the hurried indifference, but all told the whole process took us a little over three minutes. Amazing!


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  • Susan - A Dogs Life Photo - Wow, very cool! thanks for sharing, Christine. Darn it, now I need to spends the cash to upgrade. I can’t miss out on this new feature.ReplyCancel

  • kate gardiner photography - that is unreal! i still have measly PS7 😆ReplyCancel

  • mark beagle - Very cool. Reminds me to ask for upgrades at work. AfterEffects too. I love adobe products. Are you familiar with their Encore DVD authoring? Easy to use, makes “adobe” sense (can import PSD files directly to use as menu assests etc.)ReplyCancel

  • laura - I love this! When I found out CS5 did this I did a backflip! and was actually excited to upgrade. I too skipped CS4. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Lillie-Beth - She is beautiful!!! So grown up! Altus was so long ago. Love seeing all that you do. Thank you for posting!ReplyCancel

  • christine - yes, the price is hard to swallow initially (especially if you skipped CS4 like I did, Adobe punishes users for that) but the features are well worth the upgrade.

    ProPhoto 3.1 is nice, too — and free! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Beckie - CS5 is so cool! Love that you posted an example here! Now it reeaaallly makes me want to spend the extra $$ and purchase the upgrade. 😛ReplyCancel