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Photographing Flora


flo•ra noun : the plants of a particular region, habitat or geological period.
ORIGIN (late 18th Century: from Latin flos, flor “flower”)

Flo•ra [Roman Mythology] the goddess of flowering plants.

She is warm, beautiful and Greek; what else is there to say?



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  • Flora - Thank you so much!!! Thanks for taking my pictures and thanks to Katherine and Russell for convincing me to change my smile.
    I wasn’t so sure about this in the beggining. The teeth that nature gave me, I broke wrestling with the waves on a beach in Greece when I was 10-11. I guess the waves won! But I had these teeth for so long to change them felt like I had plastic surgery for my smile and I’m anti-plastic. I though I was changing part of me. I did, a bit. Now I smile all the time! I love the fact that people can’t put their finger on it. Somebody asked me if I changed make-up base (which I don’t use to begin with)!!!
    When I got the fotos I stuck the one I’m holding my hair up, on a bedroom mirror and wrote underneath it with lip liner ” I’m so vain…” The one with the shoes (what a great idea the shoe picture was)is sitting in my the closet with a sticky note that says: “First came… The Shoe, then you can dress”
    I also like the one you can see the blue in my eyelashes. I told you the story about me being born next to the sea. That picture reminds me of a little rime song my mother used to wake me up with when I was a kid. It goes: ” Xypna koree tou yalou kae keera tou fegariou” It rimes is Greek and it translates: Wake up daughter of the seashore and lady of the moon.
    Thanks again for all the photos but mostly for the pleasure of meeting you.

  • Katherine Bogacki - That photo shoot was a lot of fun! Most of my job is total concentration and seriousness, so I truly enjoy holding the big shiny disk for you. Flora looks beautiful. Great job.ReplyCancel