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Ella’s Daddy

It’s not that Daddies are opposed to being photographed; it’s just that in general, they’re busy working long hours and tend to think of photographs as furry, fluffy, frilly things that Mommy handles. Which is sort of true.

In my years of photographing children, I’ve noticed it’s also sort of true that when Daddies can be convinced to show up for photos, there are more funny, goofy faces and kids are more apt to appear upside-down. It makes for a very good balance.



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  • christine - Carlos, you got your wish; when I uploaded the images to the lab, for some reason the black and white conversion was incompatible and I ended up having to send them in color and then let the lab convert them to black and white for Ella’s Mommy. I heard later that Ella’s grandpa was very excited about that mishap because he prefers the color. Beth, you are so welcome! it was fun! and in all fairness, I can’t very well direct babies to be impossibly cute or grown-ups to be good, fun parents — the magic I captured is to your family’s credit. Lora, I’ll be there to capture the historic moment when you become a Mommy — or when I win that Jeep. whichever comes first. so whatever you can do to help…ReplyCancel

  • Beth - I think that we are going to have to set up some kind of automatic transfer between my husband’s paycheck and your bank account because I am hooked. I cannot express how much I LOVE these photos and “thank you” sounds so weak. You truly have a gift and I feel so lucky that you have shared it with my family.ReplyCancel

  • Lora - you capture such wonderful moments….a true gift (when are you coming to home?) 😀ReplyCancel

  • Carlos - Maybe your best shoot yet (or one of them). Of course it helps when the little one is cooperative but Daddy Dan did a pretty nice job himself (with the faces that is).

    I’d like to see some of these in color.ReplyCancel