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dreaming in code

Last night I dreamed in code. It went something like this:

$conf[‘mod_rewrite’] = true;
// If mod_rewrite is true above
// set appendage (helps search engines).
$conf[‘mod_rewrite_image_suffix’] = ‘.php’;

It’s common for me to have vivid and memorable dreams, but it’s less common for the language I dream in to be programming language. In fact, those of you who know me are wondering how I manage to maintain websites when I’m the first to admit that my second-grader has already surpassed my ability to help with math homework. I’ve been consumed with the quest of adding an overlay photo gallery to my blog and, but because it still wasn’t working at midnight, I gave up and went to bed. Thus, I spent the rest of the night walking through my dream in a maze of # and $ and 0 1 0 1 0s, and I was responding to people in code.

“If $conf[‘mod_rewrite’] is true, and it is $conf[‘mod_rewrite_image_suffix’] to equal ‘tiff.php’.”

I was in graduate school when I discovered the book, “7 Kinds of Smart” by Thomas Armstrong, PhD. At the time, I used the book to figure out how to use my strengths (I’m textbook linguistic, but also intrapersonal) to overcome my weaknesses (logical-mathematical escapes me.) For example, the third time I took Algebra 101, I flipped the entire test over and filled the backs of the pages with an essay to my professor about why I will never need algebra in my lifetime. This was not a premeditated act (nor do I necessarily endorse it as strategy), it was sheer desperation. It worked. My professor commented in red that he couldn’t believe I had the audacity to think I could get away with something so ridiculous, but at the same time, he didn’t want to see me again the next semester and as long as I fully understood I do not have the background to continue in math, he was content to send me back to the English department. This is an oversimplified example of the value of this book, but you get the idea.

Programming languages can be linguistic. They can also be abstract, wordless, imageless concepts linked together in a series of on and off, 0 and 1, measured and analyzed and quantified in specific ways. This is very logical-mathematical. I speak code only to the extent that I can ask for directions to the restroom in French. But that simple knowledge, turning to my strength of interpreting code linguistically, rather than logically, is allowing me to configure a photo album for my blog, and hopefully that’s how I’ll show off the images from my latest shoot.

Plus, it makes for interesting dreams!



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  • christine - I got it! it’s $conf[’mod_rewrite’] = false; too bad, the idea of running Apache mod_rewrite on my blog (some call it pure voodoo) fascinated me.ReplyCancel