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displaying family portraits

It really did start out this simply: I handed a very striking girl a flyer advertising my photography business. She took the flyer. She stopped to look at it. She talked to me. We discovered we had several things in common. As we parted, I asked her to give me a call. She eventually did. The portraits I took of her children, I’ve already written about.

I’m always so excited to hear back from clients how much they are enjoying their portraits. I consider it a gift and a blessing. This particular client has been SUCH a blessing, she seems to be telling anyone who will listen how excited she is about her prints. That’s a good thing for me. She recently emailed me to say that she’s removed the mirror from above her mantle and inserted the portraits of her children in its place. 🙂

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  • Sheila - I love those frames! Where did she get them?ReplyCancel