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Congratulations, Lt Col Ward!



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  • Danny P - Congrats Boy!! I wish I coulda seen you get that silver on you…who’d a thunk it was possible back in ’90?

    What a great collage of pics…Lt Col Wardo, you are truly blessed.

    All kinds of love to all 5 of you,

  • Jennet Ward - Thanks Sheila! Wish we could’ve all pinned on at the same time. I guess Gooch and Dan are next! And you know our promotion is all do to our wonderful spouses!!

    Love you all

  • Sheila Murray - Way to go, Scott!!! Got to say, from what I’ve heard, you have surely earned your rank. Rock on, Lt. Col. Ward. And, your beautiful and talented wife should take some credit, too. You both are quite an inspiration. Congratulations to the Wards!!!

    Love, Sheila MurrayReplyCancel

  • Gooch - Wow. What a great ceremony. I officially have to call him Lieutenant Colonel Ward for the next 30 days.

    Any bets on if I slip up?

    Congratulations Boy.ReplyCancel