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Christmas in August

This afternoon, I told my kids if we could just knock out our Christmas photo against a red wall I’d found out at 5 Corners, I’d buy them ice cream.  And to my surprise, they complied — well, after we got past their two-headed-four-armed beast series fun.  🙂


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  • Dana Bowie - Wow Christine – those eyes are simply amazing. Beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • kate gardiner photography - i was going to say, where are you guys?ReplyCancel

  • christine - 🙂 thanks, girls!

    Lora, I thought of you the minute we pulled into town and I had to ask Mom for carpet cleaner for backseat Frappuccino gone awry. our tradition is alive and well!

    Cameron, I was working!!! very hard. Carlos couldn’t make the trip with us, he had to work, too. in Tucson. don’t get me started. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cameron - Awesome! But why aren’t you and Carlos in it? 😉ReplyCancel

  • Lora - simply – beautiful.ReplyCancel