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bugs at f/2.8

It’s not to say that the flowers on my front porch from summer were dead; let’s just that they were no longer thriving. So I went to Home Depot to look for something fall-ish, and came home with these locally grown Mums. I chose them because one had a fuzzy white caterpillar crawling around. I let him ride in the front seat home with me and, after school, we watched him for some time. In the morning before school, we watched him again. And then checked on him after dinner, before bed and before breakfast. He’s a new household pet. Maybe it’s a she, I don’t know. ? I don’t know my bugs, other than to know that I prefer them outside.

Anyhow, I was outside taking photos of the pretty white caterpillar [and it started to rain!] and I looked down and saw this black caterpillar hanging out on the steps. !


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  • Lisa Stein - Love the flower photos! That’s one of my favorite things, bugs on flowers. Really.#2 is very different. would look great BIG on the wall.What lense did you use?So great to see so many interesting varied subjects, I get tired of the big white dress… ReplyCancel

  • Lora - Christine,These are Fantastic!!!    Well Done!!ReplyCancel

  • christine - thank you, Sheila!  I’m not much for landscape shooting, but I like getting right up in my subject’s face and that little white furry one kept LOOKING at me — I would move, he’d stop eating and his eyes would follow.  I’m sure he was worried that I would hurt him.  the black furry one just rolled up into a ball and that was the extent of his personality.  very interesting stuff.  after I got them on my computer, suddenly they were 20 times larger than life!  it was almost like looking through a microscope for my kids.  fun.


  • Sheila Gebhardt - These are so incrediable…I was just looking at a Planet Earth calendar,…Christine these are right up there with those photos!AMAZING!ReplyCancel