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Brittany in black and white

High school seniors are fascinating to work with. I love talking with them about their responsibilities and plans for adulthood while photographing them as they laugh and dip back into the carefree youth that is all they know. This West Springfield High School senior was no different. She moved from elegant to playful, teenager to grown woman in front of my lens and I kept glancing over at her mother in between frames, wondering how it must be to watch your baby girl so grown up.

Brittany is a vibrant subject (her favorite color is orange) and she chose a fiery time of year to be photographed in Northern Virginia, so I was stunned by what came next. As I went through my images, marking my favorites, I saw what’s been drawing me to photograph people from as long ago as the fourth grade: the perfect black and white portrait.

(Of course, I’ll present Brittany and her mother with the picturesque Virginia autumn background in color!)


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  • teressa - I am a faithful follower of your blog. Today at lunch I checked out the Brittany photos….

    What a pretty girl/woman. It IS startling to see how she looks just like a high-schooler in some photos, like a fashion model in others (love the hat, over the shoulder poses), and so young-womanly in others. You did an amazing job. And I love what you wrote… made me already both sad, excited, and nostalgic thinking about my little girl who keeps changing and growing right before my eyes (at age 2 1/2!). You have such an ability to capture so much in your photos. I’m sure Brittany and her family are very excited!ReplyCancel