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Smile by Bogacki

Drs. Bogacki & Bogacki hardly need me to plug their dentistry when their patients walk around sporting million-dollar smiles. (This is Dr. Katherine’s mother, for example.) But I’m going to give them a plug anyway because I’m very impressed with their office.

I was shopping for a new dentist and found Dr. Katherine, and she impressed me by:

    • talking with me personally when I called with questions;
    • emailing me the forms to fill out at home;
    • giving me an extensive, one-on-one evaluation my first visit;
    • using state-of-the-art dental digital camera equipment;
    • suggesting if it’s not bothering me, let’s just monitor it but leave it alone.

By the time I learned that this husband and wife team orchestrates their practice around the schedules and needs of their four children, I was smitten. Top-notch dentistry and first-class parenting. I like that.

It came up in conversation (you know, that one-sided garble as your dentist is asking you questions and you try to answer around the sharp objects digging close to your tongue) that they were looking for a photographer to show off their patients’ smiles. And *poof* our picture-perfect business relationship evolved.

Below, Dr. Rangappa (who insists I call him Shaun), a cardiologist and a Smile By Bogacki poster boy.rangappa0018web.jpg


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  • Guy Wire - I think it’s worth calling attention to the fact that both of these Bogacki folks have phenomenal teeth. And your photos do them absolute justice.ReplyCancel

  • Shaun - You are awesomely awesome. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Dr. Katherine Bogacki - I am blushing…thanks for such a nice review. I chose that same pic of my mom for our waiting room scrapbook.

    “…that one sided garble…” !!! Hey, all I’m doing is practicing my stand up routine! 😆ReplyCancel