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Bob Sullivan’s latest book

UPDATE: first week on the NYTimes bestseller list!

Many months ago, I got a sneak peek at Stop Getting Ripped Off: Why Consumers Get Screwed And How You Can Always Get A Fair Deal when it was still in draft form. I read it in three-point type on my iPhone while on vacation — something only a handful of authors could entice me to do. Bob Sullivan is one.

This is what I remember: in places, I felt sick to my stomach. He’s talking right to me and makes me come face to face with my own quirky patterns of not caring about numbers and not being fiscally responsible. Bob Sullivan is on a mission to educate Americans and change the way we view and spend our money, make us smarter, be our consumer advocate. He genuinely writes to help people. He writes as if he has an established relationship with his readers. (He does, of course.)

Bottom line: I loved the book before it was published and although I haven’t received my printed/bound/autographed copy yet, I’m already confidently talking it up to my friends. 🙂

He emailed me today to let me know NPR used my photo alongside a “Fresh Air” interview.

We actually shot this photo for Gotcha! but the shoot for this latest book kept getting pushed back for one reason or another. Note to self: schedule Bob Sullivan for a photo session before he starts writing his next book. 🙂

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