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Altus in my rearview mirror


this should have been our 2006 Christmas card, but it was a bit indulgent with only me in the photo. I’m just now getting around to unpacking the last of the boxes from the move and sending all of the photos from my RAZR to my inbox, and I’m finding that some of them are surprisingly good for a point-and-shoot. can you imagine if Holga made cell phones? wowza.


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  • Glynda Richter - I am laughing out loud – really! Too funny and very clever.ReplyCancel

  • Kevin Wilson - The moment of joy…but when you think of the good times…you miss it!

    Keep doing what you’re doing. You are the “shiznit”ReplyCancel

  • Paul Metzgar - awesome!!!
    In only 19 days I will be seeing that site for myself…the long trip to Rhode Island will begin.
    It would be awesome if Holga made a digital…hmmmReplyCancel

  • VIckie - Can you imagine how many people would like to see Altus in their rear view mirror??? I love your site!ReplyCancel