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2009: change


It’s the word of the season, especially today: change.  

January is typically the reflective month for photo studios to take a breather after the holiday rush and re-evaluate all things business.  Maybe that’s because most labs raise their print rates the first of the year; or maybe it’s because we’re closing out our QuickBooks files for the previous year.  There’s something about coming face to face with numbers that motivates change. 

Some of the changes I’m making for 2009 are drastic (like switching labs, severing partnerships and eliminating middle-men) while others are pretty benign (like coloring my portfolio and blog).  All are designed to better serve clients.

Happy 2009!


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  • Carole - not too much change, I hope! I love our photos and want the same thing again when we come back!ReplyCancel

  • tony - Change is good. It gives us a chance to start from a clean slate. I will be making changes as well for this new year and I am sure I am not alone. Good luck in the new year and keep making beautiful imagery.ReplyCancel

  • carrie - sounds exciting!ReplyCancel

  • christine - why OF COURSE I was talking about what happened in D.C. yesterday! how could I miss it???

    I would have gone downtown and taken photos and blogged the whole thing, but my kids didn’t want to go. they got the day off school and didn’t want to spend it standing for hours in the freezing cold just to watch it all unfold on a TV screen. personally, I would have liked to have been there, but I’m a Mommy first. so I did the next best thing and watched it on TV, all snuggled up under a down comforter with my family, and then caught up with Carl Zoch for a different perspective (check out his blog: http://carlzochphotography.blogspot.com/2009/01/inauguration_20.html)ReplyCancel

  • kate gardiner - your changes are inspirational. I like being able to think through my own biz ops for a few moments before having to return to the hungry mouth. Which by the way, is calling right now. :O)ReplyCancel

  • Eric Maasdam - I thought maybe you were referring to what went on in your neck of the woods today. I know that you may not be happy about the change but I hope that Obama can help this country get back on track. Say hi to the family.