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10 days, no kids

How do parents “survive” (I’m trying not to gloat) 10 days of no kids in the house?

For us, it’s been a lot like college. I think I’ve run the dishwasher once, and that was only to clean coffee mugs and cereal bowls. Our bikes are parked inside the front door and last night we ate dinner in the bar at Mike’s American, rather than wait 2 hours for a four-top in the restaurant.

The only real difference between these days and college is that Carlos has a very good day job that he needs to be up early and responsible for (oh; well, different for me, anyway, because he went to the Academy), and we scramble each evening to call our parents at a decent hour — because, of course, that’s when we talk to our little people. Last night, the Teeny and Tiny voices told me how much they weigh on Mars and the moon and gushed about the laser show from their visit to the science museum.

carlos13021web.jpgOver the weekend, we biked around Burke Lake Park and then the Mt. Vernon Trail. This weekend, we’re planning to ride from Georgetown to Bethesda.

What does all of this have to do with photography? Take advantage of an American summer tradition, sending the kids to Camp Grandparents, and you’ll soon see what rediscovering your original favorite subject brings to your lens!

[RAZR photo by Carlos; view by Sky Terrace atop the Hotel Washington]chris17341web.jpg


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  • Scott & Becky - Christine,

    The site is AWESOME!!! We had to comment on the 10 days with no kids–we can’t even imagine…! Have to know how you convinced G to pose in the pink tanktop–he’s getting soft!!

    Maybe some Fall pictures from Williamsburg will be posted here soon??!

    All the best
    Scott, Becky, & the kidsReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Hello from Altus! You guys look amazing – DC agrees with you.

    Christine, your website and blog are beautiful so I almost hate to send you to my little blog. But I’m slowly figuring out this blog thing and figured out how to hyperlink something and the first something I hyperlinked was YOU! I’m so proud of myself!

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Take care,

  • L Button - Looks like you are having a blast! Camp Grandparents agrees with you…and your beautiful babies will be back before you know it.

    The website looks great.

    All best,

  • Guy Wire - Very cute pictures. Your husband sort of has that lean and hungry look. For some reason – maybe it’s the set of his mouth, or the angle of his profile – he reminds me a little bit of a minor character in my all-time favorite movie: Tic-Tac from “Miller’s Crossing.”

    You, on the other hand, look like a college student finally relaxing after having just finished a bunch of boring economic theory.

    As Saint Dominick always said, “Ophelie mi bony belly dominus phumbiscum benny selling all his dominoes.”ReplyCancel