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the birthday girls

in a long line of slumber parties we’ve shared over the years to celebrate (we were born 5 days apart), each year I wonder how we’ll top the last. we stayed up way too late & laughed until our stomach muscles ached, tears rolling down our cheeks.

happy birthday, Robin! thank you for the wonderful time…


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  • Sheila Gebhardt - …how sweet to have those times…I just spent some time with Rachel, it’s amazing how we can just pick up after being apart for months…40 is going to be a GREAT year!..ReplyCancel

  • christine - Carol! how fun was that, a car pulls up right next to where we are walking and out spills a bunch of Oregonians and two Californians? it was so great to meet you all! we enjoyed our quiche from the High Desert Market & Cafe in Old Bisbee, Robin left with a French tablecloth and I with my favorite French soap. as you walked back to your car, did you see the Oregon trash can? I will email you the photo.

    Shane, thank you! sweet and thoughtful as ever. no Bisbee pillow fights, for fear we might knock over our wine?

    and Robin, yes! 39 Georgetown, 40 Bisbee, 41 Paris and Kilimanjaro any year before 50. I’m in. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Carol Reimer - You asked me to get back to you but your card does not have an e-mail address so I will try to do it this way. Our lunch was wonderful and we spent alot of extra money on goodies at the store. Thanks for being so friendly and maybe someday you will come to Calif. and stop in Kingsburg. We are there most of the time. Sincerly Carol ReimerReplyCancel

  • Shane - Happy Birthday to both of you, looking great as always. It’s very cool that you both can be together to share. I like how you still call it a slumber party! Any pilliow fights?

    Take care and enjoy.


  • Robin - Time, in my opinion, is the best gift one can give you. Thank you for all your precious time. It was magical. Next….Paris, Kilimanjaro, ….ReplyCancel