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thank you for a thank you

I photographed Dan and Sheila’s two blue-eyed beauties in October and Sheila sent me an email last week telling me she’d just received her images from Pictage and was thrilled…


…and then today, my doorbell rang and I was handed the most beautiful bouquet of flowers as a thank-you from the family for their photographs! I dropped everything I was doing and called them to say thank you for the thank you, because it was such an unexpected surprise this week in the midst of family holiday photo rush and the chaos that brings. Their thoughtfulness and kindness is much appreciated and will be long remembered.

😀 flowers-from-the-murrays.jpg

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  • Sheila Murray - Glad you like the flowers! Thought something seasonal would do well in your house. We just really love the pictures. My boys make my heart melt. I could spend hours just looking at them. We just had some laughs getting ready for bed…. laughing about…..well, yes, it was about passing gas. They are so funny!!!! Love you guys. SheilaReplyCancel