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spring break!

simply typing the words conjures up memories of careening south on US395 toward Southern California, a delicious road trip that living in D.C. doesn’t afford. so we did the next best thing: drove across town to check out the early beginnings of the cherry blossoms (which were not quite exploding in full-bloom pink, so I experimented with infrared) and then hopped a C-17 to the warm and sunny Southeast.

Florida palm in IR

like most Americans, I watched with sickened horror as the waters flooded the city of New Orleans. I am not native to the Crescent City, but I married a local boy and the thought of the beautiful Jesuit Church on Baronne Street where we tied the knot filling up with water devastated me. and then I began to consider the locals, the people who had not just one event in the midst of being washed away, but an entire lifetime of living flooded, destroyed, gone. and if there’s one thing the people in New Orleans do religiously, it’s live, which only compounds the loss.

spring break began with a stop in New Orleans for café au lait and beignets before we walked across the street to Tyger Gifts. I looked up at one point in the store to find the four of us completely separated, each absorbed in our own interests, and even Mickey had wandered off into the child/toddler’s section, found himself a suitable sized purple and gold popysan chair and hung out in true southern form. we let the kids spend the night in unlimited sugar and play with their grandparents and we sat under a heater on the patio at Pat O’s sipping drinks, willing a romantic night on Burbon Street to stretch on forever. in the morning, we all met up on Baronne Street to celebrate Easter Mass and marveled at “our” church, post-Katrina, and the Easter parade that followed right next to our table during brunch. even in the midst of all that is left for that city to complete, so much of what’s normal and good is back.

next stop: Florida. “unplugged” by my definition is leaving my blow-dryer at home, wearing my hair tucked up under a new LSU ballcap from Tyger Gifts. if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. 😀