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Putting Holly, Jolly and & ‘Tude into Christmas

Tonight is the big night! Our children are elves in “The Elfabet” Christmas play at school. We have Tude of triplets Lattie, Longie and Tude, and Jolly of Holly and Jolly. Holly and Jolly are telling anyone who will listen, “we’re the best time of the year!”

I spent two dress rehearsals having fun shooting the cast in their costumes and Jolly’s mom gave me permission to post my favorites of her girls, too.

[28-70mm, ISO 6400, f/2.8 at 1/30, flash set to -2/3 EV]



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  • Paul - Well I got the 50mm 1.8 several months ago,
    but I still want something wider and something better for portraits. The 50 is a good compromise and the price was unbeatable!

    I usually have more fun doing landscapes, but I feel portraits are more rewarding. Working with people can be challenging at times, so I enjoy going out on an “adventure” to get the landscapes.

    Wow I really liked Craig’s work! I really need to bring out my Holga…I love shooting with it!ReplyCancel

  • Christine - did you get a new lens? I remember you wanting a 2.8, but I can’t remember which 50mm you have — I’m thinking it might even be a 1.4? I saw the play posted on your Flickr, now I know what the event was.

    speaking of your Flickr photos, your landscapes are amazing! I’ve been wondering if you will eventually specialize in that area? I’m guessing either that or cars. 🙂

    I met a photographer last week and it made me think of you and our class — he does simply incredible landscapes and most of his work from Europe is done with a HOLGA! it was very exciting to walk through his gallery. I’ve been meaning to post about meeting him because he was fabulous to talk with, very generous with his time and knowledge and his work is so inspiring. His name is Craig Sterling and his website is craigsterling dot com

    have a very Merry Christmas, Paul!ReplyCancel

  • Paul - Looks like they had a fun time!!
    Great pictures!
    Some friends from my church invited me to shoot the play “Ebenezer” that they were in.
    I used my nifty fifty the entire time!

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!