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a portrait’s enduring value

It was during my first year of business that I photographed Penny and this image is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken: It was taken January 23, 2006. One couldn’t tell by the image, per se, but we were wrapping up Penny’s pregnancy session when I saw her face from this


sur•prise |sir-PRIZE| noun 1 an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing : the announcement was a complete surprise. • a feeling of mild astonishment or shock caused by something unexpected : much to their surprise, there was more to celebrate. • [as adj. ] denoting something made, done, or

New Client Inquiry.

When someone submits a request via my website for more information regarding portraits, it shows up in my inbox with the subject line “New Client Inquiry.” They all follow the same generic format, answering pretty basic questions. But they’re not always as entertaining as the

Changes for 2008

These are some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken with my Holga, Sea World Orlando and Aruba, two of our family vacations in 2006. My Nikon gear is generally banned by my husband and children from family vacations. Sometimes expensive gear just gets on everyone’s nerves, but

displaying family portraits

It really did start out this simply: I handed a very striking girl a flyer advertising my photography business. She took the flyer. She stopped to look at it. She talked to me. We discovered we had several things in common. As we parted, I asked her to give me a call. She eventually did.

…this is to have succeeded.

I found this card several years ago in a paper store, right around the time I started my photography business; I brought it home and put it on my desk and have been looking at it ever since. I’ve decided I prefer Emerson’s definition to Webster’s: su•cess noun the accomplishment

mental feng shui

Chinese Feng Shui horoscope Write your answers on paper. Find out your horoscope at the bottom. 1. Which is your favorite color: Red, Black, Blue, Green or Yellow? 2. Your first initial? 3. Your month of birth? 4. Which color do you like more, Black or White? 5. The name of a person who is the

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New York City

We took our Children to New York City for Christmas to take in all of the craze that is the city during the holidays. Everything was lit up, the window displays were bizarre and fabulous, the streets were full, we splashed in rain and dodged other tourists’ umbrellas. Alexis spent some of

the Gingerbread Man

My mother always had a Gingerbread Man for me during the holiday season. Her recipe was my Gramma’s, Swedish pepparkakar, who got it from her mother. Now that I’m the Mommy, it’s my turn to fill our house with the smell of Gingerbread Men (and my children’s turn to squirt

Putting Holly, Jolly and & ‘Tude into Christmas

Tonight is the big night! Our children are elves in “The Elfabet” Christmas play at school. We have Tude of triplets Lattie, Longie and Tude, and Jolly of Holly and Jolly. Holly and Jolly are telling anyone who will listen, “we’re the best time of the year!” I spent

thank you for a thank you

I photographed Dan and Sheila’s two blue-eyed beauties in October and Sheila sent me an email last week telling me she’d just received her images from Pictage and was thrilled… …and then today, my doorbell rang and I was handed the most beautiful bouquet of flowers as a

family portraits

Even though I specialize in portraits of individuals, it’s difficult for a portrait photographer to avoid family portraits during the holidays (and I’ve certainly shot my fair share of family portraits this season.) Then I met with Adnan, who told me: a family portrait would be great

FAQ: What is the easiest way to get a great photo greeting card?

Answer: Find a good photographer and pay her to do it for you! ? Here’s what clients get: One of my favorite things about opening our mail during the Christmas season is looking through all of the photos of our friends and their growing families. Last Christmas, I had an entire wall of

I handed a girl a flyer advertising my photo business…

…last summer at Seussical, and here’s just a handful of the fun that it led to this week:

my quote work?

Yesterday I met Tom and Carey, who brought me the sweetest, happiest boys imaginable. They were all so generous with smiles and play and I so enjoyed meeting them that I almost feel guilty calling this my “work.” This is DJ, my favorite shot of the day: And his picture perfect little

Brittany in black and white

High school seniors are fascinating to work with. I love talking with them about their responsibilities and plans for adulthood while photographing them as they laugh and dip back into the carefree youth that is all they know. This West Springfield High School senior was no different. She moved

portrait of Gwynne

Gwynne wanted something different for a Christmas card this year, and I wanted to show off her great cheekbones and picture perfect smile. Isn’t black and white the greatest?

You must really love your job

My schedule this week is like a jigsaw puzzle; it all fits together perfectly, but very, very tightly and with no wiggle room for errors. Today was tight partly because this morning, the lovely ladies from my Kappa bookclub met at the Patrick Henry Library in Vienna (we meet somewhere new in

champions nonetheless

The Gladiators graciously accepted their second place trophy after last night’s lost to Chantilly, 19-12. True, they didn’t carry home the title of first place; but each player walked away with the gift of knowing that they did their best, played fair and modeled the sportsmanship-like

In the driver’s seat

Laura Willingham was a college junior heading to Southwestern Colorado during winter break with friends when she and the driver tried to switch seats while driving. They’d done this many times before, only this time, the two became tangled and the car veered, fishtailed and flipped off the

Gladiators advance to championship game!

A perfect fall day: cold, very cold, we woke up early and dressed for football. It was so cold, in fact, that Alexis and I sat in the warm car for an extra few minutes as I drank my coffee. I looked up, and saw this image of her in my rear-view mirror: and it gave me an idea for a senior portrait

‘Tis the Season for Greeting Cards

Extreme athletics is a Chapman family sideline. In addition to the academic demands of famed Fairfax County Schools, Luke and Josh maintain a rigorous competitive swimming schedule during the week. This is the third year running (no pun intended; I gave up running cold turkey when I moved to

Springfield Gladiators enter playoffs

manual exposure, 400mm ISO 400 f/5.6 at 1/1000, Nikkor 70-200mm 1:2.8G AF-S VR with TC20EII teleconverter Okay, so Sports Illustrated isn’t exactly beating down my door to sign a contract with me, but that’s okay because this shot of Myles as he caught the ball and began what was to

is there a doctor in the house?

This morning I drove a doctor and a veterinarian to school. And as I was driving, looking at them in the rearview mirror, I was thinking to myself, wow, that would be pretty cool if they ended up being a doctor and veterinarian one day. And then as I pulled up into the carpool line, I started to

portrait of a coach

I generally work in-studio, a place where I can dial my lights to f/2.8 at 1/125 and create exactly what I expect to see. If I need a bit more sharpness, I dial my lights toward f/8; I place my subject where I want them and give them a reason to be there; at this point, if I see something I

Duck meets Quack

Duck, North Carolina beach house, seven families; very early mornings filled with sounds of air hockey, PacMan, Galaga and pool bouncing off tile floors; afternoons of kids like sugar cookies, covered in sand; evenings of fun and friendship and movies on the big screen. Picture perfect

Operation: Love Re-United

It was midnight on December 23, 2001, and my babies were outfitted in red, white and blue. I was keeping them awake past bedtime, way beyond the bewitching hour when silliness turns to delirium, for a special surprise. Children running amok, mothers pacing, the air in the squadron thick with wild

the Fuhrmann family

On my list of Top 10 things I love about my job, the Fuhrmann family checked off all the highlights. ?

Springfield Gladiators

Football is serious business in Virginia, I’m learning. Jonathan is eight, and his division started practice August 6 for two hours each night until The Draft and then his team, Coach Bruno’s Gladiators, continued to practice daily until school started, when they reluctantly moved to

blog redesign

Several of you have mentioned to me that my blog isn’t loading correctly in Internet Explorer on Windows machines, so my blog redesign has been a long time coming. The colorful new background is perfect for this end-of-summer shot of Camille in the pool.

Christmas 2007 | photo greeting cards

I know; I’m barely into the swing of football practice and struggling to form the habit of grabbing a sweatshirt on my way out the door in the early morning to drive my kids to school, and yet it’s time to gear up for Christmas? Relax. It’s only time for Christmas on the retail

John Stuart Hunt, Wall 7 West, line 129

I met John Stuart Hunt on Wall 7 West, line 129, of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. I was giving my friend Miette the walking tour of downtown Washington D.C., and we stopped to look up her brother-in-law. The book we referenced gave us his name, rank, branch of service, date of

Photo tips for Moms: Lessons Two and Three

The rule of thirds is forever imprinted on my mind in the form of “Pulp Fiction“. The same day my university professor introduced me to the rule, I happened to see the movie. They say repetition is the mother of retention, and my brain was branded with the rule of thirds as I watched