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olivia2web.jpgPhotographing two-year-olds is not for the fainthearted.

Neither is parenting one. Having survived it myself three times (my youngest counts as two), I always tell parents of two-year-olds to separate the experience of the photo session from the photographs themselves. This involves purging the memory of dashing from the house already late only to discover breakfast on somebody’s shirt, running back to fetch that forgotten cute accessory, remembering during the drive that they didn’t pack enough noise toys to distract her/that second outfit from Grandma/forgot to wipe her eyes clean/didn’t check her nose … and all of this to say nothing of the experience once the actual shooting begins! Still, if the parents can be successful at forgetting the chaos of the shoot, they’ll find laughs and joy in the photographs.

Picture Day when your sweet little baby is two is part and parcel of parenthood initiation rites. Just ask Tom and Kimberley — oh, except they’ve already forgotten! 🙂