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Move Day | The New Orleans Chapter

Long gone are the days when I could load everything I own into my little Honda, uproot and move in a few hours.  Even still, there’s something strangely cathartic about the stress of a move.  I think it has to do with the purging of stuff — the shedding of unneeded, unnecessary, unwanted items that pile up in a house when nobody is looking and become the dead weight of clutter.  My rule is this: if I haven’t worn it or used it within the last year, it doesn’t move with me.  I make very few exceptions.  For me, there’s nothing worse than going through all the work of unpacking a box only to find something carefully wrapped up that isn’t even worth the paper and cardboard it took to transport it across the country.  I spend months before a move weeding through all the closets, tossing everything into keep, donate and/or throw away piles with the expectation that I will be happy to unpack on the other end.

Last Thursday, I watched as Dax and Ron loaded the truck with the contents of our entire townhome in Virginia (well, except for the couches — they wouldn’t fit, so we left them behind.)   At the end of those days, I stand and watch as the truck turns the corner and fades off into late afternoon traffic, and I’m always struck by the powerful realization that it’s just STUFF, and all whom I treasure most are left standing with me.

Early Easter Sunday, we sat on the front steps of our new home on the other end waiting for Dax and Ron to arrive. We listened to the bird who lives in the Magnolia tree out front, he changes his song every few seconds.  We sipped coffee and listened in amazement.  Whenever I think of moving to New Orleans, I’ll think of that little bird and his songs.

As it turned out, Dax spent the night on Bourbon St. and we didn’t see much of him that morning 🙂 but Ron and his crew of locals came at 6 a.m., bearing boxes, including boxes 147-153 which is Christine Gacharna Photography condensed into a very small space.  After that, the neighbors began to arrive.  Thus begins this next chapter in our lives, The New Orleans Chapter.




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  • christine - thank you all!!! (I just can’t bring myself to type thank y’all! :cool:) what a wonderful Southern welcome we received from old friends, new friends and friendly strangers. Julia and Cameron, I hope I’ll get to see you once more while we’re in VA, I’ll follow up with party details. Lynn, thank you! I got the sandwich you packed for me for the game, it was fantastic. really, you made that??? I’m glad I got to see you even if short and sweet. Lori, it’s going to be fun! Lora and Kate, you’ll come visit, I trust? it won’t be long before I see either of you.

    crazy stuff, huh? never say never. 😐ReplyCancel

  • New Orleans Movers - Congratulations on your move to New Orleans. We are happy to have you in our community. Best of luck to you and your family.ReplyCancel

  • Julia MacInnis - ugh! you moved? we never connected — sheesh. that stinks. I often think of you when I drive pass your old exit off of 7100 now that I’m in Fairfax Station. shoot! I am bummed but good luck! stay well! have fun and have a hurricane for me!!!ReplyCancel

  • kate gardiner photography - See all I needed to do was look at your blog to know what is up! So excited for you guys to make the big move! Here’s to your next adventure! Cheers!ReplyCancel

  • Lora - New Chapter, New Adventure!!!ReplyCancel

  • Lori Rowell - welcome to the neighborhood ~ we are more than thrilled to have you guys moving in next door! can’t wait for our kids to get to know each other – our door is always open!ReplyCancel

  • Lynn - Sooo happy y’all are half way here. Want to help. What can I do??

  • Cameron - I’m happy for you but sad for me that you’re so far away now! 🙁ReplyCancel