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Jonathan’s green belt

My son has been working very hard to earn his green belt in Tae Kwon Do. The deal we made early on was that I wouldn’t torture him with my camera every belt along the way, but instead would simply snap here and there with my iPhone and G11 when he wasn’t looking. In exchange, when he earns his green belt, he’ll stand for a couple of frames in-studio, no big deal.

It took us 15 minutes and more than just a couple of frames to get warmed up:

… mostly because my extremely talented, smart, focused and responsible firstborn gets unusually squirrelly in front of my lens. Like clockwork, he goes through all the predictable photo sabotage efforts, including (but not limited to) dead, zombie, head-hung-low, disinterested … :

So I pulled out my best trick I have in my bag: give me a good smile for the grandparents, and tonight after dark, we’ll go outside and practice with fireworks for my Fourth of July post. 🙂

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